Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today I Reach The End...

...and not in a scary, ominous way. In a good way. Today I get to the end of my current work in progress.

I don't mind beginnings. I like getting to know my characters, writing that first scene where I do my best to make it pop.

I enjoy writing dialog. To me, a lot of the action is in what people say and how they say it.

I kind of hate middles. I do. That's the most dangerous place, where everything can lose focus--and if I'm not careful, I can lose my reader.

But I love endings. I love that final scene after I've put my hero and heroine through hell, after they've broken up and are sure they are not going to make it. But then, gathering the truths they've learned in the course of their story, unwilling to let their love die--they reunite.

Yeah. That. I love to write the reunited scene. And I'm going to that right now!


Becca J. Heath said...

Ah, the end... LOVE the end. Congratulations! Good news for us readers!!
Am building to the Black Moment in the WIP so the end is almost in sight here...

Christine Rimmer said...

Becca, hey! Thank you. And you said it. So true. I did get to the end yesterday. Which, of course, means going back to the beginning and cleaning everything up. I loved my ending and I cried. But then I went back to the beginning...there's always more work to do!