Friday, October 15, 2010

At the Midpoint...

No going back and about halfway there.  As we say in my plot group, the midpoint is where we realize the problem is bigger than we thought.  That is definitely happening here, so I'm feeling pretty good--today, anyway. But that's the thing about writing.  One day you feel you can do anything.  The next day you know that everything is crap.  Hate the crap days.  Love the others.  Yeah, sort of a roller-coaster ride.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Got my Kindle.  Love it.  And have been reading all over the Web that ebook sales are soaring.  I have to admit, I can see why.  You can read a thousand-page doorstopper of a book and it takes up virtually no space.  You can enlarge the print for easy reading.  The Kindle always finds your place in any book you're reading--no dropping your bookmark and spending five minutes searching for where you stopped last time.  And did I mention if you want it, you got it, in seconds?  Just a couple of clicks and the book is yours.

I know I will still love my books on paper.  And for some types of books--nonfiction, with pictures and graphs and the like, and my research books--I think I'll prefer a physical copy.  But time will tell on that.

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