Tuesday, October 26, 2010

General Updates.....

Getting lots of lovely feedback on EXPECTING THE BOSS'S BABY.  And it's #5 on the Borders Bestseller list.  Yippee!

As to the current work in progress, a Thunder Canyon Montana Mavericks story that will come out next July, I'm on the last 50 pages.  Big Yay on that--and only slightly procrastinating by dropping in here to babble a bit. 

Here in the heartland, it's a cool fall day and there are crunchy leaves on my front porch welcome mat.  I'm not going to sweep them up right away because they make me think that Autumn is here--and the holidays are coming.

Happy almost-November, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Just got done reading this book.. absolutly LOVED it... couldnt put it down.. Love all ur book.. such a great writer