Monday, November 08, 2010

That Amazing Moment...

...when I write the last line of my current Work in Progress.  It just happened.  About 21 minutes ago.
I got to the end.  And it was so good for me.  Better than chocolate, I promise you.  I feel really, really good about this book right now.

But then, I always do about now.  Tomorrow will probably be terrible, as I return to page one and start editing.  I will no doubt have moments of despair.  I will wonder what in the world ever gave me the idea that I could write for a living.  It's all so predictable, really.

But hey, it's the writing life and I love it.

Random News:  Got a nice review of EXPECTING THE BOSS'S BABY from Jane at Dear Author  You can check it out here.

And on the home front, I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year.  It could be just yours truly, the DH and younger son.  Or maybe more.  However many visitors we have, I'm looking forward to it.  Haven't done the bird in a while.


Renee said...

i just finished expecting the Boss' baby and its one of my favorite Bravo books - which is saying a lot :)

Christine Rimmer said...

Renee, sorry I haven't answered sooner. Been on a big move from the heartland to Oregon. Just saw your comment. Thank you! Made my day. :)