Wednesday, January 12, 2011

March Cover

So beautiful!  I love this one.

And the back cover copy reads:

You are cordially invited to
the…shotgun…wedding of

Elena Cabrera Bravo
Rogan Murdoch

Date: As soon as labor is over.

Time: Just enough for the bride to fit into something
other than a hospital gown.

Hosted by: The brothers of the bride. In fact,
they insisted on it!

Reason for Union: The bride and groom love each other…
even if they’re both too stubborn to admit it!

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Gifts (wedding and baby) optional...


Nicole S said...

Beautiful Cover!

Christine Rimmer said...

Thanks, Nicole. The art department did a great job on this, I agree. :)

amyl said...

Loved this book! Super cute :)