Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad Bloggers Anonymous...

I think I'm a lifetime member.  See, we moved.  Halfway across the country.  This past Christmas.  We got into our new house on...wait for it.  Christmas Eve!

Didn't even try and put up the the tree.  So sad.  But the good news is, there's always going to be Christmas again.  So here's to this coming holiday season.

But the house is coming together and I'm slowly digging out from under my current deadline.  Soon, I should be back here to visit more often.

Life is good. The daffodils are poking their heads up through the snow.  I'm looking forward to a fabulous spring..

Right now, I'm writing the last fifty pages of Travis Bravo's story.  That's the final installment in the San Antonio Bravo series.  It's called A BRAVO HOMECOMING, and will be on stands in November.  A holiday love story.  Always fun.  This is a makeover story and a story about coming home.

And then I'm on to an online short story for eHarlequin.  A Montana Mavericks tale to promote RESISTING MR TALL, DARK AND TEXAN, the launch book for a new Montana Mavericks series, which will be available in July.  And the online read will start on June 13th, I believe.  A chapter a week for eight weeks. I'll keep you posted on that.

So...hope your Valentine's Day was fabulous and romantic and that there was chocolate.

And now, back to that deadline....

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