Sunday, March 27, 2011

Proposal Done!

Had such fun writing it.  Working title is MARRIAGE BY DECEPTION.  A whole new branch of the Bravo family.  Spent a lot of time, as I always do with the first book, figuring out the names of the siblings who will be the heroes and heroines.  This time I'm writing four brothers and five sisters.

Starting the manuscript for THE RETURN OF BOWIE BRAVO tomorrow.  A lot of readers have waited a long time for that one.  Pleased to finally be getting it written.  Oh, and I turned in the manuscript for the Montana Mavericks e-read, which will be FREE on eHarlequin for eight chapters, one a week, starting June 13th.  It's called THE TEXAS TYCOON'S RUNAWAY BRIDE.

So...lots in the works and lots coming up.

I'm also going to try to fit in a proposal for a possible Women's Fiction story.  I need more hours in every day!  Can someone arrange that for me???

Cool and rainy and gorgeous here in the Northwest.  Hope it's beautiful where you are....

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