Monday, March 21, 2011


Currently transcribing a recorded session from a previous plot group.  Once I transcribe the session, I'll create a synopsis.  From that, with my editor's approval, I'll start writing the book, which will be the first story in my new Bravo series, Bravo Royale.  This royal branch of the family consists of four princes and five princesses.  Or at least, that's how I see this group of books at this point.

But I'm getting way ahead of myself.  Right now: transcribing.

And you know, while I'm transcribing, it would be so nice to look like the pretty Victorian lady above.  However, I don't have long, dark hair.  Or skin like the inside of a delicate china teacup.  Or a cool lacy nightgown.  As a matter of fact, I make it a point never to work in my nightgown.  I don't even have a nightgown.  I'm more the pajama type.

Plus, well, the lady in the picture (who looks suspiciously like Ann Hathaway to me) is writing by hand.  I doubt she's listening to a plot group session.

Too bad for her.

So fun to listen to the voices of my plot buddies.  I get to share the laughter and the hard work all over again.  This session is about an hour in length and so far we are not down to the actual story.  We're kind of nipping around the edges of the thing, seeking the center.

When I listen to a brainstorming session from plot group, I always find myself wondering how I got along without plot group for so many years.  I always change a lot of things.  It never ends up the same as the session.  But I start so much farther ahead with a story this way than my old method of trying to make a story from scratch with just my own ideas to make it work.

Seriously.  Nothing like a few extra brilliant brains concentrated on your story to make it achieve liftoff in a swift and satisfying fashion.

Back to work....

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