Sunday, May 22, 2011

So...going to try epubbing...

See, I have this book, this mainstream book, a romance with mystery elements that never really fit in any traditional publishing venue.  I love this book.  So I'm going to publish it in ebook myself.

Just hired a great cover designer--and also a wonderful author in her own right, Kimberly Van Meter, to do the cover for me.

Soooo excited!

The book is called NEVER KISS ME AGAIN.

Here's what it's about:

Never Say Never Again….

  The first familiar face Annie Dolan sees after four years away from home just happens to be the one person she’d hoped never to set eyes on again: her dangerously charming ex, Devlin Tenhawk.
   And it gets worse.
   Much worse.
    In no time there's a distinctly suspicious death in the family and Annie finds herself trapped in her hometown, unwilling heir to her grandmother's millions, stuck taking care of her thoroughly dysfunctional family, stalked by a mystery man who haunts her room at night—and way, way too tempted to  jump back in bed with her ex.

Can't wait to see what Kimberly comes up with....

Just so you can see how good she is, here's a cover she designed for one of her own books:

Yeah.  Really good!

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