Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm a RITA finalist! Twice!

That would be RITA, there on the left.  We romance writers all covet RITA.  She's the tops awards-wise in our industry.  She's our Oscar, our Emmy, our Golden Globe.  Only better.  Because she's RITA.  We all dream of someday winning at least one of these golden beauties.

I have yet to win a RITA.  But hope springs eternal and every year I enter every book I have published that year.   Before today, I've finaled three times: in 1992 for my Silhouette Desire, MIDSUMMER MADNESS, in 1999 for my Silhouette Single Title, THE TAMING OF BILLY JONES and then in 2007 for my Silhouette Special Edition, MARRIED IN HASTE. The calls go out in the last week of March and I'm telling you, it never gets old to get one of those calls.

This morning, I did get one of those calls.  From Series Romance Category coordinator, Tracy Garrett.  Tracy informed me that not one, but TWO of my 2011 books had made the finals this year!  I'm thrilled.  Excited.  Walking on air.  Maybe I'll win this year.  That would be fabulous.  I must say, though, being a finalist is pretty cool in itself!

DONOVAN'S CHILD is a 2012 RITA finalist

And so is....



Anonymous said...


Many congrats. I loved A Bravo Homecoming. Haven't read Donovan's Child I'm sorry to say.

Fingers crossed that pretty gold statue will be yours!!


Christine Rimmer said...

Marcie, thank you! I'm so excited. It's just so fun to be a finalist! Hope your writing is going well??

Anonymous said...

Writing is going well and I'm getting near the end. My hero and heroine are kind of happy - time to rip them apart! Sometimes the mean parts are easier to write than the happy parts.

Thanks for asking!


Christine Rimmer said...

Marcie, I think that's absolutely true about the "mean parts." When there's tension and conflict, the scenes just seem to write themselves sometimes...

So glad to hear it's going well!