Friday, March 30, 2012

On to the next book...

To the left?  Cats in the sun.  We don't get a whole lot of sun around here this time of year, so they never miss their chance to lie in a spot of sunshine when it finally becomes available.  That was last week sometime.  Today, it's rainy and gray again.  I'm glad I took that picture to remind me of the last sunny day.

It's fabulous being a RITA finalist (see previous post).  But in the end, the working life of a writer is about...the writing.

So I've moved on to the next project, for which the title has actually been formalized.  THE RANCHER'S CHRISTMAS PRINCESS will be on stands in December of this year.  This will be the third in The Bravo Royales series, the first where the heroine is one of the five Bravo-Calabretti princesses.

Princess Arabella's best friend has recently and tragically died.  So Belle comes to Montana to find the father of her best friends eighteen-month-old son.

I'm writing the scene where she tells the hero that he's a dad.  He's not taking it all that well--which makes for fast, emotion-packed writing.  My favorite kind!


Anonymous said...

I like the title! I can only imagine how the hero is going to react.

I wouldn't mind being a cat at the moment stretched out in a spot of sunshine. I'm stuck indoors at work where the A/C is cranked and it's not even in the mid 60's outside.

Have fun writing!


Christine Rimmer said...

Thanks, Marcie! Hope you get out into the sun today. And you're so right. The hero is not taking it well. Mwhaha!