Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Conference Preparations....

I find I am...a tad distracted lately.  I need to be finishing the latest proposal, writing the next book, performing any number of boring office chores.

But this year, I'm going to the big Romance Writers of America's conference in Anaheim.  See the picture above?  That would be Christy Ridgway, yours truly and Leigh Riker at the 2007 RWA conference.  Such fun!

This year, as most years, the conference takes place at the end of July and it's several days of nonstop networking, endless eating out and sharing the latest publishing news and supporting and being supported by friends and colleagues.  There are big parties, a gala awards ceremony.

It's very stressful.  And very fun.

And so what am I thinking about when I should be working?  New shoes.  My hair.  What great clothes I need to buy and how much I can pack.  I confess.  I love getting ready for conference.  So much so that it distracts me from the work I should be doing.  So far, I've bought two pair of new shoes, a couple of new outfits.  Cute earrings.  A new bag.  I've spent more time than usual at the hairdresser, perking up my color, getting my cut just the way I want it, so I can breeze into the salon the day before I head for Anaheim and get perfectly primped for trip.

I'm getting excited all over again, just thinking about all this.

But today, I'm really, really going to try and focus on the actual work.  Because, you know, a writer writes.  And I need to be doing that.

Then again, don't you just love this cute little shoe...?


Anonymous said...

Actually I'm loving the toe nail polish! Very pretty and summer-like.

One of these years I'm going to go to RWA. Not a fan of planes so hopefully when it's driving distance.

Fingers crossed you come home with a Rita. Or two *grin*


Christine Rimmer said...

Marcie, dang it. I can only win one at most as I'm double-finaled in the same category. But I would totally settle for that one! ;) Thanks--and yes. Hoping you make it one of these years. Maybe a year when I'm there, too.