Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

It's sunny here today, in a lovely, cool way.  The heat, according to the Weather Channel, is finally coming to the Northwest in the next week.

No, it won't be really hot.  But in the mid-eighties.  For us, that's scorching.  It's so strange if you look at a temperature map of the Continental US these days.  Everything looks red-hot.  Except for this little plot of coolness up here in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

I'm supposed to be working today.  Both the DH and I decided, since it was midweek and I needed to get pages written and he could get brownie points for showing up on the holiday at his job, we would both just treat it like a regular workday.

But you know, it's not.  I look out the window at my flag waving and spy on the neighbors getting ready for their barbecues and I feel a bit celebratory in spite of my intentions to keep my fingers moving over the keyboard, making strings of words appear on the screen.  Hey, it's the Fourth of July!

And tonight, there will be fireworks into the wee hours.  I'm kind of looking forward to lying awake, hearing them going off, nearby and in the distance.

Happy Birthday, America.  You are lookin' good!

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