Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Almost Like Fall...

It is!  Almost like fall around here.  The False Solomon Seal, at left, has bloomed, shed its petals and brought out the fall berries--which as you can see, are half-eaten already by local wildlife.

It's gorgeous here this time of year.  Brisk clear nights and days warming into the '80s.  The Northwest version of paradise.

My flame maple in back is looking pretty red.  It's a big sapling, still, so it's not that showy.  But it's definitely showing me its version of Autumn.

It's been one super-busy summer around here, rushing to meet deadlines, attending the big Romance Writers of America conference in Anaheim.  Great fun.  Photos on my website, here.

I was up for the RITA award twice.  Didn't win.  But sure had a lovely gala night at the awards dessert party.  My younger son came to visit for a few days.  So good to see him.  We showed him the sites of Portland.

And now we're into our big master bath remodel.  (Pictures later) and I'm off soon to plot group to plan more books.

And speaking of books...

Two in a row comin' right up.  In November, The Prince She Had to Marry.  Here's the cover:

I love the look the two of them are sharing.  And her cute little baby bump.  She's about three months pregnant in this scene.

Back cover copy reads:


Cold, distant Alexander Bravo-Calabretti was the last man
Liliana of Alagonia had ever imagined marrying! After all,
even a princess longs for happily-ever-after. But when a
one-night fling with her nemesis led to a royal baby-on-the-
way, only a wedding would satisfy their disapproving
families. So with a fast, secret ceremony, they were joined
for life.

Alex had agreed to make an effort for the sake of the
baby, even though letting the lovely Lili close was a threat
to the barriers he’d long struggled to maintain. But the
future of the throne—and his royal honor—was at stake.
And when he and Lili posed as happy newlyweds for the
paparazzi, he found himself wishing that their marriage
could be for real after all….

Then in December, The Rancher's Christmas Princess.  I don't have the cover for that yet.  But here's the back cover copy:



Arabella Bravo-Calabretti came to Elk Creek, Montana, with a secret to deliver and a job to do. Being a Bravo Royale, she was going to do it right. Before she handed her best friend's darling son, Ben, over to his unwitting father, they would all spend Christmas together. Only then could she be absolutely sure that rancher Preston McCade was ready to be a dad.

Or...was that really the reason Belle was hanging around?  She and Preston were practically from different planets, yet the attraction was undeniable.  Before long, someone was utterly in love with a rancher--and Christmas in Montana was presenting one suprise after another.

I do love the copy on both of these.  You can click on the titles to order from Amazon.

Happy Reading everyone...and now, to clean up this office a little....

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