Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Conference Excitement!

Getting ready for conference.  Much excitement.  Packing, planning.  It's actually quite a bit of fun.  And I did want to post the link to the July 25 Literacy Autographing in Anaheim here:  http://www.rwa.org/cs/literacy_autographing  Just click through to read all about it, including checking out the map for the signing.

Always before, authors were seated alphabetically.  This time the arrangement is...well, frankly, a bit incomprehensible.  But hey.  Why not? We'll see how this works out.  I'm at table 107, near the cashier and the raffle table, so if you happen to attend the event, please stop by and say hi!

And before conference, younger son is coming for a few days.  I do love the summer.  So many good things going on!

Also, well, trying to make progress on my latest Bravo Royales story.  I'm getting there.  One page at a time.   Hope your summer is stacking up to be fabulous!


Anonymous said...

So you have a seating chart that you have to decipher? Now the thing is to make sure you aren't holding it upside down or the other way around when you walk in the door (that would be me).

Hopefully you'll get lots of attention - you can reel them in since you're by the raffle table.


Christine Rimmer said...

Marcie! Yes! Reeling them in by the raffle is my plan. If they don't get too dizzy from trying to figure out the chart! XOXOXO!