Thursday, December 06, 2012

Happy Holidays, Everyone....

...and a Joyous New Year to you all!

Right now, I have a Christmas book, The Rancher's Christmas Princess, in stores.  I hope you'll give it a look.  On Kindle, it's currently available for $1.99!

Also, as it happens, I'm writing a proposal for next year's December release.  this will be book 5 in the Bravo Royales series, Prince Damien's story.  Damien is the player of the family, who will finally meet his match in sweet Lucy Cordell, the long-sheltered little sister of Noah Cordell, who will find his true love in How to Marry a Princess, which will be out in November of 2013!

I have a general idea of the direction of Damien and Lucy's story.  It's kind of a Pygmalion story, a My Fair Lady story.  Lucy needs Damien to teach her to be smart and sophisticated so she can win the heart of another man who won't give her the time of day because she's such an innocent.  Damien may be a player.  But he has a soft spot for sweet Lucy and has proved in the previous book that he's willing to help her get whatever she needs.  Or desires.

But you know how it goes.  Writing is a layering process.  And I'm seeing that there's a layer missing in this story.  Another element that will really make it work.  I'm thinking it's a child.  Because, after all, there's nothing like a precious child.  Especially at Christmas.....

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