Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year!

Time to take down the tree and ring in the New Year.  We'll be celebrating at home this year.  Just the way I like it. A little hot cider by the fire.  May your New Years dreams all come true.

Your resolutions, too!

This year I will have four books on the stands, three new Bravo Royale stories and one fun Montana Maverick tale, all from Harlequin Special Edition.

In April, watch for Rhiannon Bravo-Calabretti's story, HER HIGHNESS AND THE BODYGUARD.

I have back cover copy for that one:


Marcus is the best man Rhia's ever known, and she's never gotten over their breakup. Now, he's practically strapped to her side. It's like a dream come true...or a nightmare. Because Marcus is as stubborn as ever: she's a Bravo-Calabretti, he's a lowly security guard, and they can never be equals. Ever.  

Then a breathless night that should have brought closure brings something else: a baby. Marcus insists that no child of his will grow up without its own mother and father. Well, Rhia has her own requirement: her child will be raised on love, not the dry bread of obligation. And Marcus has made it abundantly clear that his duty to Montedoro comes before everything-especially his own desires.

Then, in July, the launch of an all-new Montana Mavericks series with STRANDED WITH THE MAVERICK.  And finally, in November and December, two more Bravo Royale books: HOW TO MARRY A PRINCESS and HOLIDAY ROYALE. 

HER HIGHNESS AND THE BODYGUARD  and STRANDED WITH THE MAVERICK are already written.  I'll be starting on HOW TO MARRY A PRINCESS the day after New Years.  Can't wait.

Here's to much success for everyone in 2012!


Susan F. said...

I can't wait to read these!!!

Susan F. said...
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Christine Rimmer said...

Susan! What I love to hear. :D I'll be sending them as before for review. And I got your 2013 blog address. Thank you!!! Happy New Year.

squiresj said...

I got to get your last book ready to mail to my friend who dearly loves your books.
I am glad I found someone to share them with. I was sending them to my neice.
Hope your year is blessed. Tomorrow my oldest daughter goes in for c-section at 10:30 A.M. to deliver my new grandson, Collin. She is nervous due to epideral they gave her last time hitting a nerve and took almost a year to get past numbness.

Anonymous said...

And much success to you Christine!


Christine Rimmer said...

Jane, welcome Collin! And I'm so glad you're passing them on to a reader who enjoys them. Hugs!

Christine Rimmer said...

Marcie, and you too, my friend!