Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Hairy Chest Dilemma

Some like a man smooth...And some like him...


Sebastian Rulli's your man either way. Cause, like, what you want...
he's got!

Hard to believe I won a poetry contest once, huh? But that was long, long ago. Clearly.

More on my Dead Shark...thank you all for the encouragement. I started to feel I hadn't given that story enough of chance. So I'm back on it. And liking it just fine.

The writing life. It should get easier. Buuuuut no!


Barbs said...

RALPHIE WIVE'S is wonderful! Love it! You did get the mix of suspense and romance just right!!That Rio, Hairy chest or not?? I don't care, he's great. His sweet nothings are so.... LOL

Glad the writing life is back to normal for you. Being creative must be hard.....I wouldn't know!

Barbs said...

Oh darn! How 'bout RALPHIE'S WIVES! must too early for me

Christine Rimmer said...

Never too early, Barb. So pleased you're lovin',, well. You know what I mean...

Normal? Never. LOL. But some days are better than others, fershure.

Kim said...


So glad that you chose to go back to the proposal--sounds like a fabulous book!

Keep the faith dear!

Husker Kim


Your guy is soooo yummy! MMM..MMM...good!

Lee Hyat said...

Christine, you sure know how to pick the men. This guy looks hot! :)
I'm looking forward to reading RALPHIE'S WIVES!

Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, oh yeah. I'll keep the faith. I promise. Kicking and screaming, sometimes, but hey. In the end, it all tends to work out.:)

Lee, I love Sebastian, too. He has a lot of different looks. From way Latin to blond surfer sexy guy. Hairy chest. Smooth chest. Dark hair, light hair. He's a chameleon in a very good way!

And I hope you enjoy Ralphie. :)