Monday, March 26, 2007

Wahoo, I'm a RITA Finalist!

For a romance author, a certain day late in March is often nail-biting time. That's when the phone calls go out to the finalists in the Romance Writers of America's RITA contest for excellence in romantic fiction.

This year? I so was not paying attention. I did have the date marked on my calendar, but when that certain Sunday rolled around, I was going about my Sunday stuff: laundry, groceries, etc., totally oblivious.

Then I got a call from Linda Howard. I mean, hey. It's way cool to get a call from Linda Howard under any circumstances. But even cooler when you learn she's calling to tell you you're up for the RITA in the Best Short Contemporary Romance Category. Whoopee!

Winners will be announced at the big RWA conference this July--it's in Dallas. I can drive there. Love that as it's easier to take a full-length evening dress for the gala night when the winners are announced. I will so be ready for my close-up.

This year, there's lots of controversy surrounding the RITAs. The amazing Barbara Samuel has put out the call to elevate the RITAs in the consciousness of the world-at-large. Certain high-profile online reader blogs are totally not impressed. I love controversy. Raises awareness and that's a good thing!

For all the snarkilicious scoop, go here: and here: Romancing the Blog.

Meanwhile, pardon me while I do the happy dance! Married in Haste has a chance at the RITA!


Kim said...

Congrats to you!

That is very cool! Somehow I missed buying that to Amazon I go...(don't tell DH)...shh

Be sure to keep us all posted on how you fare!

I know you'll look great in your gown!


Husker Kim

Susan Crosby said...

Woohoo!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you, Chris! A well-deserved nomination--but then, I think all of your books should be nominated :-). Now, don't let it go to your pretty head. You want your close up to show the real, um, humble you :-).

Hugs and kisses,

Kate Carlisle said...

Yay, Chris!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!

And hey, a phone call from your new best friend Linda Howard! Nice! ;-)

Barbs said...

I'm so thrilled for you and so is Betty! Congrats!! If I was closer I'd give you a big hug! I loved MARRIED IN HASTE w/Angie & Brett.

Linda Howard??? what a phone call

I had hopes of being in Dallas during RWA but it doesn't look like I'll get to go. DARN IT!

Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, thanks! And I won't say a word to DH. I so appreciate the part about looking good in my gown. I mean, you know how I am. ;)

What, moi, vain?????

Susan, I am blushing. But of course I shan't let it go to my head. Well, there is the little problem of how now I can't get my head through the front door. But hey. I need to be home anyway. Writing. Oh, yeah!

Thanks Kate. Oh, my yes. Linda and I are inseparable now.

Christine Rimmer said...

Barbs, give Betty my love and hugs back. And I so wish you were coming to Dallas...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Linda Howard. Pretty impressive. Congrats again on the nomination. You definately deserve a win.


Christine Rimmer said...

Oh, Cady. Thank you so much. I have to say, it's totally a blast being a finalist. I've been nominated twice before and it was fun both times. Oh, yeah!

Anonymous said...

Major Congrats Christine!! You deserve the nomination and for such a special book, too! No one deserves a WIN more!!

Durango Kim

Paz Edwards said...

Congratulations! Awesome news!


Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Kim. Thanks! And as I recall, I dedicated that one to you and Cady. That sure makes it special to me!

Paz, thank you! I'm so excited. :)