Monday, May 21, 2007

10 Things I Love

I adore Barbara Samuel's blog, A Writer Afoot. A very wise woman, that Barbara. She put up 10 things she loved and invited the rest of us to do the same. Here are mine, in no particular order:

1. about hands. I love my son, the J's, hands. As you may recall, he's a musician and clarinet is his main instrument. His hands are graceful, huge and long-fingered and slim. I think it's the whole graceful and huge combo that really makes them so amazing.

2. My DH's brain. I love it. He's brillant and sexy and funny. Can't beat that.

3. My peonies, back and front yards. White and pink. A scent like nothing else.

4. My cats, Tom and Ed.

5. The photo of me taken in the ladies restroom of the Ritz Carlton at a NINC conference. My friend, Susan Crosby, cut out a GODIVA label, tore it in two: GO DIVA, and glued it on the photo.

6. Thunderstorms. Nature as entertainment, oh yeah!

7. Anita Shreve. I'm on an Anita Shreve kick lately.

8. Having done my exercises. Okay, not real into the doing, but I love the having done.

9. Seagrams VO Gold, which they never have in bars.

10. My mom. She is the sweetest woman on earth. When I lived in Hollywood, I used to take her to comedy clubs on open mike night. She would laugh at anything. The comedians would always end up giving her a round of applause for being the best audience member ever.

How about you? Come on, you know you can think of at least one or two. It really does feel good just to write them down...


Husker Kim said...


There is something about musicians isn't there? MY husband is a musician and singer..I love to listen to him sing. The man could sing the phone book--it works for me!

Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Husker Kim

Anonymous said...

The sight of my kids sleeping - double joy - one, they are sleeping, but also how sweet and innocent they look in sleep, wonder when they lose that.


Anonymous said...

The gentle ocean waves rolling in on a white sandy beach. The bluesy notes of a saxophone. The grandure of the grand canyon and the majesty of the tetons!

Durango Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Oh, I love these. Singing husbands, sleeping kids, beaches, mountains and saxophone music.

Gotta keep these in mind on the grim days, ya know...

Thanks, ladies!

Barbs said...

My sweetie on his electric piano. I love that he can control the volume unlike the piano we listened to for years! LOL

My grandchildren, Libby & Joey, are so special to me! I love to talk/write about them

watching baseball on TV while reading a good book, usually a romance but I do read mysteries/thrillers