Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Starting Over. Again.

Yep. That time again. Starting a new book. This is Elena's story. Elena Cabrera, who is the illegitimate daughter of my current Bravo patriarch, Davis Bravo. Elena's story is second-to-last in this ten-book cycle about the San Antonio branch of the family.

After Elena, I'll write Travis's story--he's seventh-born of the seven sons in this group. And then I'm going back to give a past Bravo--Bowie--his Happily Ever After, at last.

And then I'll start exploring a whole new branch of the family.

But more on that later. Now, it's Elena's turn. Elena's and Rogan Murdoch's. Elena just happens to look like a really good actress named Sarah Shahi and Rogan strongly resembles an actor named Channing Tatum.


Rachael Johns said...

Oooh I really really really like HIM!!! Can't wait to read this story :)

Christine Rimmer said...

Hi Rach! He was the guy in Dear John. I like him too. A lot! I always get images for my H and h. And put them up on a cork board by my computer. Somehow, being able to see them makes them even more real to me.