Friday, March 18, 2011

Home from Plot Group...

Back from plot group.  It was a good one, but they're always demanding and exhausting.  There are five of us in the group--all professional writers, all totally brilliant.  I get so many fresh ideas during those four days and four nights in Vegas.

We each bring material to brainstorm two books.  This time, I worked on a new Bravo story for Special Edition--and a Women's Fiction idea I've been considering developing.  Sometimes you just never know when an idea will take off and you'll get some really amazing ideas and approaches.  That happened with my Women's Fiction story this time.  My plot buddies were so good!  I'm in awe.  Seriously.

Then home mid-week.  To do laundry and play catch-up.  Finished my short e-story for eHarlquin.  And Travis's book, A BRAVO HOMECOMING, the last of the San Antonio Bravo stories.  Now I'm on to write Bowie's story, THE RETURN OF BOWIE BRAVO.

Here in the Pacific Northwest it's...wet and rainy.  Duh.  Hope the sun's out where you are.

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